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summer grass
Devon Cows

Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions


What do you grow?

We grow food. But not just for ourselves. We grow flowers for pollinators, hay for our cows, trees for bird habitat and hedges for wildlife. 

For us humans, we raise grass fed beef and free range and organically fed pork. We have a fruit orchard, berry gardens and a medicine garden. Chickens, ducks and goats add fertility and pest control. 

We also harvest maple and honey.

What can we buy at your farm?

You can purchase cuts of grass fed beef, organically raised pork, maple syrup and honey. Availability changes over the months and so it's best to send us inquiries via the subscribe button.

How do you farm?

Over the years we have increased the fertility of our soils, not by adding chemical inputs but rather, by composting, rotationally grazing, and by using permaculture principals to optimize plant and soil health. We don't use chemical pesticides or herbicides.  Our animals are free range and fed organic grains (chickens and pigs - beef are all grass fed).

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