Got Grass-Fed Meat?

Order your beef cuts today and stock up!

Grass-Fed Beef is grown on 30 acres of organic pasture. 

  • Ground Beef, 1 Lb packets $8/Lb

  • Porterhouse or T-Bone Steak, in 1 Lb packs, $24/Lb

  • Short Ribs avg. 2.5 Lb packs, $8/Lb

  • Steak Tips 1 Lb packs, $12/Lb

  • Marrow Bones avg. 4 Lb packs, $5/Lb

  • Liver 1 Lb packs, $4/Lb

  • Heart 1 Lb packs, $4/Lb

  • Tongue 2 Lb packs, $4/Lb

please note size of package when ordering

all packages are vacuum sealed

Grass Fed Beef