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The Healing Labyrinth

You can stop your worry, the path is laid out before you...

Several years ago, driving through an orchard in California and gazing at the playing light between the trees, I was suddenly and unequivocally struck with the notion that I should build a healing labyrinth. If you know me, you know I'm a practical kind-a-gal, and not prone to "mystical experiences". However, this notion stuck, and for the next 2 years, I poured over books and drew many iterations of our labyrinth. In early Spring 2020 I set out with a compass, stake, and string to build our healing labyrinth. 

It's 150 feet in diameter, 1/2 a mile gravel path in, and oriented to reflect the seasons and moons of the year. The landscape is seeded with native grasses and wildflowers and at the center is an opportunity to contemplate. 

If you'd like to visit the labyrinth just email or call us. Open year-round. 

The Labyrinth
prayer flags at the labyrinth
The Healing Labyrinth : History
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