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Our Story

Grow Food, Harvest Wisdom

Field To Fork Farm is a family-run organic homestead nestled in the quintessential New England landscape. When Patrick and I started our farm, we were complete farming novices with small kids in tow. Since then, we've raised children and calves, kids and kittens... and have gleaned wisdom and health from our land. We are ready to share our insight. 

Field to Fork Farm produces grass-fed/free-range meats seasonally, as well as fruits, vegetables, eggs, honey, and maple.

We've also created a healing garden labyrinth for your enjoyment and offer our property for farm weddings, children's summer camps, retreats, and tours. 

Field To Fork Farm also holds bespoke health and wellness workshops for those interested in being in nature, learning new skills and relaxing with like-minded folk...

We're looking forward to meeting you! 

Daniela and Patrick 

About Us: Our Farm
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