What can we buy at your farm?

You have a few options:

1. You can pick and choose cuts of grass fed beef and organically raised pork, we will tally it up and make curbside pick up available. 

2. For $150, you get a great assortment of beef cuts. (Roughly 14 lbs, 1/2 a cubic foot space on your freezer). Also available for curbside pickup.

 3. You are a sweet tooth and/ or a vegetarian: We have amazing maple syrup and deeply flavorful raw honey too.

Individual pricing below: 

Maple Syrup

32 oz glass mason jars - $20

8.5 oz glass jugs - $8

Grass Fed Beef

Ground Beef – $8 a pound

Stew Meat -  $7 a pound

Rib Steak – $19  a pound

Sirloin Steak $17 a pound 


Pork Chops - $9 a pound

Breakfast Sausage - $8 a pound

Spare Ribs - $6 a pound

Country Style Ribs - $6 a pound

Pork Shoulder Roast - $8 a pound (4-5 pound whole roasts)

The "don't make me think so hard, I just want good meat now" Box:

$150, (14 lbs beef = 1/2 cubic foot of freezer space)

Honey - Raw/ unfiltered

$8 a pound (lots of glass jar sizes available) 


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