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Meats - beef and pork

Check the link below for availability and prices


Honey and Maple Syrup

$10/Lb Honey
$15/qt. Maple Syrup

Image by Kelly Neil

Organic Eggs

$5 (sold out)

What We Sell: Products

What can we buy at your farm?

Beef and Pork

1. You can pick and choose cuts of grass-fed beef (go to the "beef" section on our website) including ground beef and premium steaks.

2. We are taking orders for half sides of beef. Price is based on hanging weight and yields approximately 200 pounds of cuts. Please email us for more details.

3. You can order half a side of pork for an October 2023 pick-up. The price is $600 for approximately 65 pounds of pork. Please contact us for more details.

4. If you have a sweet tooth. We have amazing maple syrup and very flavorful raw honey too.

​Maple Syrup

32 oz glass mason jars - $15

Honey - Raw/ unfiltered

$10 a pound, freshly harvested this summer! 

Eggs (Sorry, Sold Out)

Organic eggs from our free-range hens - $5/doz  Our eggs are colorful and supercharged with grass and bugs, so the yolks are deep orange!

What We Sell: FAQ
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