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Meats - beef and pork

Check the link below for availability and prices


Honey and Maple Syrup

$10/Lb Honey
$15/qt. Maple Syrup

What We Sell: Products

What can we buy at your farm?

Beef and Pork

1. You can pick and choose cuts of grass-fed beef (go to the "beef" section on our website) including ground beef and premium steaks.

2. Half a side of beef. Price is based on hanging weight and yields approximately 200 pounds of cuts. Please email us for more details.

3. You can order half a side of pork for an October 2024 pick-up. The price is $650 for approximately 65 pounds of pork. Please contact us for more details.

4. If you have a sweet tooth. We have amazing maple syrup and very flavorful raw honey too.

​Maple Syrup

32 oz glass mason jars - $20

Honey - Raw/ unfiltered

$10 a pound, freshly harvested this summer! 

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