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Must. Start. Planting...

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The one thing that keeps me "sane" during the long winter months is pouring over seed and fruit tress catalogs. My husband calls it "fruit porn"... I don't disagree. But all you planters out there, YOU understand what I'm talking about...Stealing away to buy another type of melon seed or an heirloom tomato that you might not already have...It's all because each seed, however tiny, carries the potential of life, beauty and nourishment.

Anyway, after months of stockpiling seed packets, March and April are marked by seed trays all over the house and green house. The cat likes to lay on them, my growing seedlings, and this causes me high blood pressure...

By May the trays are green, vital, busting at the seams and it's time to take my babies into the garden. I live on the edge by usually planting a little earlier than recommended but it's because I just can't wait any longer...

This time of year is a hopeful one; that dedication will be met with abundance and nature will grace us with her beauty!

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