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What we offer…

Eggs:Now you HAVE to bake

Our free roaming, happy clucking, cat badgering, barn roosting, grass and bug eating hens produce some mighty tasty and healthy brown eggs.

We raise our own hens from chicks and supplement their range pickings with only organic grain and never use antibiotics, hormones or any other nasty things.

Chicken and Turkey:

Our poultry are raised at a slow pace on our organic fields. They are grass fed but are supplemented Ranging_broilers.121184337_stdwith organic grain. We use no antibiotics.

At the dinner table you’ll notice the leg meat is dark since these birds run, walk and flap around as they should!

The meat is tender and has a wonderful flavor.  Broilers range in size from 4-6 pounds and turkeys 20-25 pounds.


Pork from organically fed pigs raised in the forest and on the pasture!IMG_0467.23542522_std

Individual cuts (chops, ribs and sausage) available at the farm.

Purchase half a pig (approximately 65 pounds of pork) butchered to your preference.  The pork will be available in the fall.  You will receive the pork ready for your freezer.  (3 cubic feet of freezer space needed) Cuts include pork chops, ham, sausage, ribs, hocks shoulder and bacon.

 Pork by the cut is available now!


We offer certified organic unpasturized milk from “Candy” our Brown Swiss cow.


Beef cuts including ground beef, stew meat, steaks, ribs,  etc. available from our Certified Organic Grass Fed Cattle.