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Animal Husbandry Philosophy

Our Animal Husbandry Philosophy

Only the happiest, most free to roam and, as Joel Salatin has said time and time again, “animals free to express their animalness” should be considered as part of a guilt free, environmentally friendly, carbon neutral omnivores diet.

Our animals are raised on broad pastures, supplemented as needed with organic grain from Vermont.

We care for them and take them to slaughter with respect and gratitude.

When possible and permitting, we slaughter on farm to minimize animal stress and transport miles.

We use our animals’ natural skills to fertilize, mow lawns, weed and till to lessen our farm work.

We are an organic farm and do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Our bees have thanked us for this with pollinating fervor and have provided our family with a great fruit and vegetable harvests.

We encourage everyone, with but a pot or 100 acres to use your soil and the sun and rain to grow even just a small portion of your daily food needs.

Consider the amount of packaging saved as well as carbon miles preserved, and of course, think of the pride and flavor you’ll experience the next time your salad is really your own!

Your children and ours will thank us.